About Us

Green Clean by G is the brilliant brainchild of Gina Ross. Born of Gina’s Italian heritage and innate desire to cook, clean and organize. We offer cleaning and organizing to help you do the things that are most important to you.

We are a small business that seeks to promote other small businesses and to help the “little guy” in making strong steps toward growth and leadership. This is done through utilizing the skills of other small business owners (think products, website, accounting and the like), giving back to the community (connecting those with surplus to those struggling to make ends meet) and a vision to hire one employee at a time–giving them quality, one-on-one training and releasing them to find their own clients only when they (and Gina) feel they are fully ready.

Gina is the bi-product of an Italian mama and a southern dad. Raised in a modest, working class neighborhood in East Portland, cooking and cleaning were normal parts of her every day life.

The little details were important to Gina’s mom when it came to cleaning so she trained Gina to clean like a pro. Over the years, Gina’s picked up extra little tips and tricks that she continues to use and share with her clients. For her, cleaning isn’t just about checking items off a list. It’s about cleaning the way she would like her own home cleaned, with every little nook and cranny mattering and listening well to what is important to her clients so that they get the clean they want.

Growing up, Gina’s family didn’t have extra money to go out to restaurants but they did have an appreciation for good food. Experimentation was encouraged, which is why asking Gina for her recipes usually results in her responding, “Oh, you know, a little of this and some of that. Oh, and that, and this.”

While many parents fret over exactly what their kids are doing in the kitchen, Gina’s parents allowed her to cook unsupervised from a young age. As a little girl, she’s worked hard to cook good food for her family. Once, she and her brother tried making fried chicken in her southern grandma’s kitchen. They managed to set the drapes on fire, but her grandma calmly came in, tapped out the flaming drapes and was only concerned that they were burning the chicken. So she set to teaching little Gina how to properly fry chicken like a true southerner. Those opportunities to learn, grow and even fail made her into the home chef she is today.

What Gina thinks of as “just normal cooking and cleaning” puts many restaurants and maid services to shame. Even still, she’s humble about her skills saying, “I’m always wanting to learn how to do new and better things.”

Our products are homemade, organic cleansers that are green for the environment, ecologically responsible and should not cause you or your pets to get sick. They are made using high-quality essential oils from a local company and other non-toxic, chemical-free ingredients.

Mission Statement

Green Clean by G’s mission is to invest in people through providing superior service, sustainable wages, and a strong education. Superior service is always the goal when we clean homes and make cleaning products; we want our clients to feel like royalty when they arrive home to the freshly cleaned spaces and to know that their families are safe when using our cleaning products. Sustainable wages for our employees is a must; the work we do is hard and physically challenging and we want to reward our employees for their job well done. A strong education is key to the success of our employees and also helping our clients understand why we do what we do in the way that we do it.